Dry look Paste by Red One

Dry look Paste by Red One

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The Red One Matte Hair Wax White is a styling wax with a matt finish.  This wax makes styling your hair easy and will also keep it in shape for a long time. The matt finish gives your look a natural look. The advantage of this wax is that it is easy to comb out.

Red One has a wide range of styling products for different hair types and finishes. With Red One's hair products, you can complete your look and style your hair the way you want! Wax, Gel, or Pomade Red One has it all. For every look and every style, there is a pomade, gel or wax! All Red One products are cruelty free.

How to use the Red One Matte Hair Wax White

  • Step 1: Take the wax on your hands and rub them together to make the wax warm and soft.
  • Step 2: Apply the wax to your hair and style as desired.
  • Tip: Use your fingertips to shape and style individual strands.


After using the Red One Matte Hair Wax White, you will have shaped your hair. This look is long lasting and has a matt finish.