Wet Look Pomade by Red One

Wet Look Pomade by Red One

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With the Red One Aqua Hair Wax Red, you have a styling wax that lasts all day and leaves hair shiny. The formula of this Red One wax is easy to comb out of your hair and does not give a sticky feeling. In addition, you can keep restyling all day because this wax does not harden but remains flexible.

Red One has a wide range of styling products for different hair types and finishes. With Red One hair products you can complete your look and style your hair the way you want it! Wax, Gel or Pomade Red One has it all. For every look and every style there is a pomade, gel or wax! All Red One products are cruelty free.


  • Step 1: Take a small amount of wax and rub warm between your fingers/hands.
  • Step 2: Apply wax to dry hair and style as desired.
  • Tip: Use your fingertips to style individual strands.


After using the Red One Full Force Aqua Hair Wax Red, you have styled your hair with a product that ensures your hair stays in shape all day. Your hair looks shiny and cared for. If necessary, you can restyle your hair during the day because the wax does not harden.